The Two Important Lessons Learned From The Equifax Data Breach

The recent Equifax data breach may be the biggest and most devastating breach of all time. Around 143 million people are affected this time, and if companies were not taking information security seriously yet then they definitely should now. More importantly, there are two extremely important lessons learned from this catastrophe.


HIPAA Omnibus Rule: Implications on Vendor Security

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule, which went into effect on March 26, 2013, brought in some pretty significant changes since HIPAA itself. While it had many additions, including strengthening rules on privacy and security, there was one in particular that had a much more far-reaching effect. This was the additional requirement that business associates of healthcare organizations be held to the same HIPAA compliance standard as the covered entities they serve.


Managed Services: The Solution to the Shortage of Security Professionals

One common theme resonating across the information security industry is a distinct lack of trained security professionals. While there certainly is not a lack of interest in the career field, many organizations are beginning to take security very seriously. As a result, the experience and education they require from job applicants are extensive. More universities are finally offering degrees specializing in cyber security in order to help feed this growing hunger for security knowledge. The University of Texas at San Antonio is one such school, which now offers an entirely online bachelor’s degree in cyber security.